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Sun, 11.01.1970

The Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland is Formed

*The founding of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland is celebrated on this date in 1970.  This American political organization is composed of African Americans elected to the Maryland General Assembly. Since incorporation, the Caucus membership has grown from 17 to 44 and is one of the country's largest state legislative black caucuses.  

Lena King Lee founded the caucus, then became a Maryland House of Delegates member.  By drafting and sponsoring legislation to address constituent needs and examining all bills that affect the black populace, the Caucus acts as a legislative body on behalf of the black community.

Of Maryland's 24 sub-divisions, only Baltimore City, Prince George's, Baltimore, Montgomery, Howard, and Wicomico Counties have elected members to the Maryland Black Caucus. So additionally, the Caucus presents a black perspective from the entire state to the Legislature and advocates public policies that promote black social, cultural, and economic progress statewide. In addition, the Caucus serves as a research study group to generate pertinent data supporting appropriate public policies. 

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