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Sun, 02.24.1974

The National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice is Formed

*The beginning of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ) in 1974 is celebrated on this date.

This organization works on the requirements, interests, and contributions of Blacks and other nonwhites as they relate to the administration of equal justice. The NABCJ started at a conference on "Blacks and the Criminal Justice System" at the University of Alabama in February 1974. The conference created a committee to establish the NABCJ. Over the years, a substantial portion of their membership has come from representatives of the criminal justice process. A major asset of the association can be found in its state and local chapters.

The NABCJ provides an action-oriented vehicle for initiating constructive change within the criminal justice system. The NABCJ provides thousands of volunteer service hours to the communities in which its membership works. Through regional and state conferences, they supply countless hours of in-service training to increase professionalism in criminal justice.

All national, state, and local officers, as well as board directors, are volunteers who serve with no monetary compensation whatsoever from the association. The NABCJ is located in Durham, NC.


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