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Sat, 08.18.1928

The Saturday Evening Quill is Published

*The publication of the Saturday Evening Quill is celebrated on this date in 1928. It was a short-lived Black literary magazine of the Harlem Renaissance.

It was founded by the journalist Eugene Gordon. In 1925, Boston-based journalist Eugene Gordon organized a Black literary group, the Saturday Evening Quill Club (also known as the Boston Quill Club). Its founding members included the writers Helene Johnson and Dorothy West. Out of this grew an annual literary magazine, Saturday Evening Quill, which Gordon edited. Only three issues were published for the years 1928 to 1930. It was intended mainly for the benefit of club members, and only the third and final issue was available for sale to the public.

The Saturday Evening Quill published stories, poems, essays, and plays. In addition to Gordon, Johnson, and West, it published such noted writers as Gertrude Schalk, Florida Ruffin Ridley, Edythe Mae Gordon, Lois Mailou Jones, Lewis Grandison Alexander, Alvira Hazzard, Alice E. Furlong, and Roscoe Wright (who also designed its monogram). It ceased publishing in 1930. 

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