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Fri, 03.27.1925

The United Golfers Association is Formed

*The United Golfers Association (UGA) is celebrated on this date in 1925. This group of African American professional golfers operated a separate series of professional golf tournaments for Blacks amid racial segregation in the United States.

It was said to have started in 1925 when George Adams became a founding member and in 1926 by Robert Hawkins, a golfer from Massachusetts. It included many talented golfers such as Ted Rhodes, Bill SpillerPete BrownLee Elder, Willie Brown Jr., Zeke Hartsfield, Howard Wheeler, and Charlie Sifford.

From 1934 through November 1961, the Professional Golfers Association of America maintained a "Caucasian-only" membership clause in its bylaws. The clause was removed from its constitution in 1961. Other golf associations for African Americans include the African American Golf Association (AAGA), United States Black Golf Association, United Black Golfers Association (UBGA), Western States Golf Association, Bogey Boyz, Black Jewels Ladies Golf Association, and the African American Golf Foundation, Inc.   

Women participated in the United Golfers Association. The UGA also supported a full women's division, which over time featured gifted stars like Marie Thompson, Lucy Williams, Geneva Wilson, Ann Gregory, Thelma Cowans, Ethel (Powers) Funches, Althea Gibson, and Renee Powell. But only in 1939 did the first women's golfing organization seek affiliation when the Chicago Women's Golf Club, organized by Anna Robinson, applied to join. Also, the Wake-Robin Golf Club, whose first president was Helen Webb Harris, joined the UGA under her leadership. Jimmy Taylor added the Mid-Winter Classic at Rogers Park, Tampa, to the circuit in 1963.

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