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Tue, 03.14.1995

Under One Roof, (Television Show) Debuts

*On this date in 1995, “Under One Roof” aired on CBS television.

As of 2006, it was the last prime-time American TV drama that featured an “All Black” cast. Under One Roof was a six-episode midseason replacement series in the spring of that year. CBS' answer for those who wanted a drama series featuring a predominantly African American group of actors.

It revolved around the upper-middle-class Langston family in Seattle, Washington, headed by patriarch Neb Langston (James Earl Jones), a widowed police sergeant who shares a home with his married son Ron (Joe Morton) and his family Maggie (Vanessa Bell Calloway), Charlotte (Essence Atkins) & Derrick (Ronald Joshua Scott), his daughter Ayesha (Monique Ridge) and foster son Marcus (Merlin Santana).

The last episode of Under One Roof aired on April 18, 1995.


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