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Mon, 09.13.1886

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore is Founded

*The University of Maryland Eastern Eastern Shore (UMES) was founded on this date in 1886, It is one of over 100 Historical Black Colleges and Universities in America (HBCU).

Opened as Princess Anne Academy through the Delaware Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, UMES began with nine students and one faculty. 37 students were enrolled by the end of the first year. Its first name was the Industrial Branch of Morgan State College. It was renamed the Eastern Shore Branch of the Maryland Agricultural College in 1919. In 1948, the school became Maryland State College, a Division of the University of Maryland.

On July 1, 1970, Maryland State College became the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. The University offers major programs leading to the B. A. and B. S. degrees in 26 disciplines in the arts and sciences, professional studies, and agricultural sciences. Also, they present 13 teaching degree programs, eight pre-professional programs, and an Honors Program designed by the University of Maryland at Baltimore. UMES offers graduate degrees in Marine-Estuarine and Environmental Sciences at the M. S. and Ph.D. levels; Toxicology at the M. S. and Ph.D. levels; M. S. in Applied Computer Science, Guidance and Counseling, Agricultural and Extension Education, Physical Education, Physical Therapy and Special Education.

From its original structure, known as "Olney," built in 1798, they have over 600 acres, 28 major structures, and 41 other entities. UMES provides today’s students, through versatile student life, a chance to develop into a well-rounded individuals able to take on leadership in society. As the University of Maryland Eastern Shore enters its second century, long-term plans include increasing the curriculum for graduate study, new construction and renovation projects for classroom and managerial buildings, and a better physical plant. In the last ten years, UMES has added 17 new degree-granting programs. Graduates of these courses often choose to remain on the Lower Eastern Shore.

UMES is the only four-year institution on the shore to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science; they have long been known for providing professional training in the key regional industries of hospitality management and the management of commercial poultry and swine operations. The newest programs on the UMES campus also look toward the current and future needs of the Eastern Shore. They include Airway Science, Law Enforcement, and Rehabilitation services.

This allows a greater part of the residents to improve themselves and their communities through post-secondary education.  Notable Alumni include Clarence Clemmons.



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