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Tue, 08.03.1937

Wings Over Jordan Choir; an original!

Wings Over Jordan Choir

*On this date from 1937, we celebrate the founding of Wings Over Jordan Choir.  This choral group was organized by the Rev. Glen T. Settle in Cleveland, Ohio and was perhaps the most beautiful sounding of all Gospel choirs.

Their otherworldly and almost ghostly sound was heard on over 50 recordings. In the days before television, when families would sit around the radio together, Wings Over Jordan was a popular family radio program that featured this talented Black choir. Beginning in the late 1930s, the show was broadcast out of Cleveland on the CBS network.

Rev. Settle had this choir work with Worth Kramer (program director at radio station WGAR), who eventually stepped down as program director to run the Wings show.  As a bonus, the program featured outstanding Black leaders from all walks of life as guest speakers. One of Wings Over Jordan first recordings was made on October 19, 1941 for CBS radio. It was called I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray. The Wings Over Jordan Celebration Chorus was formed in 1988 to carry on the original group's mission.

Wings Over Jordan

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