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Sun, 12.26.1920

The Bungleton Green Comic Strip is Published

*The Black comic strip Bungleton Green is celebrated on this date in 1920.  Four different cartoonists drew Bungleton Green from 1929 to 1968. At its beginning for almost ten years, Leslie Rodgers was the first.  Bungleton Green was published in the Chicago Defender

Naturally, Bungleton Green took on a slightly different tone at the hands of a different artist, reflecting the times. "Bung" evolved from a top hat lay-about to a self-made millionaire, a proud father, back to near vagrant status.  He was a hard-working family man, a serious role model for neighborhood teens (the Mystic Commandos, what the media would call a street gang today) to veritable super-man fighting injustice.

This strip dealt with situations from the purely comical to a stark reflection of city life & youth clubs to evil Nazi madmen with a time & space manipulation device. 

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