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Mon, 07.30.1894

Elizabeth Mossell Anderson, Educator born

Elizabeth Mossell Anderson

*Elizabeth Mossell Anderson was born on this date in 1894.  She was a Black educator and administrator.

Born in Philadelphia, PA., Elizabeth Mossell was the daughter of Aaron Mossell and Mary Louisa Tanner. Mossell was Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander's elder sister, she was called variously "Beth," "Babs," or "Babo". Mossell graduated from M Street High School (now Dunbar high school) in Washington D. C. and entered the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Education in 1911, graduating in 1914. 

After her marriage, she received her B.S. in Ed., 1939 from the University of Pennsylvania. Anderson served as Dean of Women at Virginia State College and later at Wilberforce University (Central State College), Ohio. Upon her retirement in 1964, she came to live with the Alexanders in Philadelphia and resided with them until she died in 1975.

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