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Sat, 08.23.1930

Frank Lucas born

Frank Lucas

*Frank Lucas was born on this date in 1930.  He is a Black Graphic designer.  

From Cambridge, Massachusetts, Lucas was attracted to art at an early age. With his talent, he was hired as an Army illustrator and photographer during the Korean War. After the war, he returned to Boston and graduated from the Vesper George School of Art in 1955. Lucas was then hired as a graphic designer at Parsons Friedmann and Central.   He was the first Black illustrator and photographer in Boston's advertising industry.   In 1957, he married Patricia Ann and they eventually had three children.   He would later move to Barker Black Studios, where he worked primarily with publishers.  

In 1966, Lucas was hired at Ginn and Company, a publishing house where he supervised art editors in the purchase of illustrations and photography for school textbooks. During his thirty-one years there, Lucas also managed packaging and oversaw art direction for the firm's advertising and promotional materials. Later, as director of art and design for children's trade books, Lucas pioneered new techniques in design, production and printing. He retired from the company in 1997. Since then, he has served as a consultant and art director to Course Crafters, a firm that produces materials for Sesame Street, Berlitz and several other educational publishers. 

In addition to his work experience, Lucas has directed the career of many art students teaching art at several Boston art schools. He also taught graphic design and lectured at the Rhode Island School of Design.   Currently residing in Sudbury, Massachusetts, Lucas and his daughter, Diahanne, published a monthly New England newspaper, Reunion, for four years. Lucas has drawn wide praise and is the recipient of several awards for his professional work. 

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