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Fri, 10.12.1883

George Imes born

George Imes

*George Imes was born on this date in 1883.  He was a Black physicist and educator. 

From Franklin County, PA George Lake Imes was the son of George Imes and Lucinda Clark.  His father, and his older sister Aura Imes, taught at the Hygienic School in Steelton, PA.  Imes attended there and Steelton High School, graduating in 1900, one of six Black students in that class.  He also was a graduate of Lincoln University, PA Class of 1904.

Imes is most noted for his post as Secretary of the Tuskegee Institute, where he worked closely with Booker T. Washington and became well acquainted with George Washington Carver.  His twenty-five-year association with Dr. Carver led to the publication of a booklet in 1943, I Knew Carver.  Dr. Imes also was the Director of the radio program "My People."  The noted Black physicist Elmer Samuel Imes was first cousin to him.  George Imes died on September 15, 1957 in Baltimore, Maryland.  Reference: 

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