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Tue, 07.14.1953

The George Washington Carver National Monument is Dedicated

The George Washington Carver National Monument was dedicated on this date in 1953, in Diamond, Missouri, although it was established ten years earlier (1943).

The monument recognizes Carver's outstanding achievements as a scientist, educator, and humanitarian.  Although Dr. Carver spent only 10 to 12 years on the Diamond Grove farm in Missouri, the area and community greatly influenced the course of his life.  It was here that George Washington Carver was born into slavery and orphaned as an infant. Yet, he grew up with a love and appreciation of nature that would sustain him throughout his life.

George Washington Carver National Monument is a park, which consists of 210 of the original 240-acre Moses Carver farm. Outside is the three-quarter-mile Carver Trail, a walking trail that winds its way through the woodlands and tall grass prairie.  Along this trail you can see the Carver Birthplace Site, Carver Boyhood Statue. Carver Spring, Williams pond and spring, Moses Carver 1881 house, and the Carver family cemetery. The trail is only partially handicapped accessible.


George Washington Carver National Monument
5646 Carver Road,
Diamond, Missouri 64840
(417) 325-4151

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