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Wed, 08.17.1932

Gospel Music in America is Unionized

*On this date in 1932, the first Gospel Choral Union was organized. This was one of the first organizations to preserve and develop Gospel music.

Founded in Chicago, Illinois, Thomas A. Dorsey was elected president. Due mainly to the popularity of the gospel choir or chorus, Dorsey organized these them collectively into unions. The success of the unification gave rise to the organization of a convention. Dorsey contacted the directors of the out-of-town gospel choirs, and plans were made for a convention of singers. Dorsey, and Theodore Frye, Magnolia Butts, Sallie Martin, and Henry J. Carruthers, organized the convention.

Almost one year later, the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses (NCGCC) was organized at the Pilgrim Baptist Church in Chicago. Later that month, they held their first session, the first convention of its kind. Its formal initial name was the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses and Smaller Musical Groups, Inc. Their mission was designed for the betterment of the Christian singer, instrumentalist, educator, or leader.

They enable the prepared gospel ambassador and purposed for the individual to be spiritually motivated to live the message of the gospel song. Still operating globally, the NCGCC remains a force supporting gospel choirs and choruses.



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