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Mon, 06.10.1867

The Howland Chapel School (Virginia) Opens

Howland Chapel School

*The Howland Chapel School was open on this date in 1867. 

This was a historic school for Black students near Heathsville, Northumberland County, Virginia. The building is a rare, little-altered Reconstruction-era schoolhouse built to serve the children of former slaves.

Its construction was funded by New York educator, reformer, and philanthropist Emily Howland, for whom the building is named. It was used as a schoolhouse until 1958 and serves as a museum, community center, and adult-education facility. 

It was built as a one-story, gable-fronted frame building measuring approximately 26 feet by 40 feet. It featured board-and-batten siding and distinctive bargeboards with dentil soffits. The interior has a single room divided by a later central partition formed by sliding, removable doors. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991. 

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