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Mon, 03.07.1796

James Barbadoes, Abolitionist born

Slave document, 1791

*The birth of James Barbadoes in 1796 is celebrated on this date. He was a Black barber, abolitionist, and free man of color.

Though his place of birth was unknown, Barbadoes lived in Boston. Considered one of the strongest citizens among the free Blacks of Boston in the 19th century, he organized a movement to free his brother, who had been kidnapped in New Orleans and jailed as a slave.  He was closely associated with William Lloyd Garrison of the American Anti-Slavery Society and was active at the first People of Color Convention in Philadelphia. Barbadoes was also a strong voice in the New England Anti-Slavery Society.

When sentiments arose against the universal reform movement and Garrison, Barbadoes organized strong support in favor of him. He wrote one of the strongest pro-Garrison statements at the time, gathering other free Blacks to sign the petition. James Barbadoes died in 1841 attempting to re-settle his family in Jamaica.


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