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Fri, 02.10.1854

Joseph Price, Minister, and Scholar born

Joseph Price

*Joseph Price was born on this date in 1854. He was a Black scholar and minister.

From Elizabeth City, NC, Joseph Charles Price graduated from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania as valedictorian of the Class of 1879, and completed the three-year theological course in two years. Bishop James Walker Hood named Price to the A.M.E. Zion Church's delegation to the 1881 Ecumenical Methodist Conference, which met in the City Road Chapel, London.  Price was persuaded to remain in England and speak on behalf of the fledgling school the denomination through the General Conference.

While in England he raised $10,000 for the Livingstone College and returned in 1882 to embark upon the task of establishing and securing that Historic Black College. Price was the founder and first President of the Livingstone College. A brilliant scholar, great gospel preacher, orator, and advocate for the common man, he sought to educate the whole person; their hands, head and heart. During his ten years as President of the Livingstone, Price attracted students, friends, and funds through the sheer power of his personality and Christian compassion.

His faith and hope for the future was characterized in this famous quote: "I do not care how dark the night; I believe in the coming of the morning." Price served the college until his death in 1893, refusing positions of great prestige and attractive salaries to devote his life and energies to the school. He called upon all to seize the opportunity to contribute toward elevating the black man through generous support of educational enterprises. The schools’ annual observance of Founder's Day honors his memory.


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by Marvin Andrew McMickle
Judson Press, Copyright 2002
ISBN 0-817014-02-0

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