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Sat, 08.19.1826

Mansfield Tyler, administrator and minister

Mansfield Tyler

*On this date in 1826 Mansfield Tyler was born. He was an African American minister and administrator.

Tyler was born a slave near Augusta, GA., owned by a Baptist preacher, he learned to read and write, and became a preacher himself while still in slavery. He was taken to Alabama by his owner in 1854 and after the Civil War (1867), Tyler established a Baptist church in Lowndeboro, Ala.

In 1868, he helped organized the first Alabama Colored Baptist Church Convention, serving as its president for ten years until 1886. Tyler also represented the Alabama House of Representatives from 1870-1872.

Mansfield Tyler severed as the chairman of the board of trustees of Selma University from its opening in 1878 until his death in 1904.

An Encyclopedia of African American Christian Heritage
by Marvin Andrew McMickle
Judson Press, Copyright 2002
ISBN 0-817014-02-0

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