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Mon, 04.29.1985

Meechy Monroe, Hair Stylist born

Meechy Monroe

*Meechy Monroe was born on this date in 1985. She was a successful blogger who provided beauty tips and hair tutorials for black women with natural hair.

Monroe was born Tameka Moore; her parents are Alexander and Patricia Moore. She grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Monroe gained an international YouTube following for videos demonstrating African American natural hairstyling techniques and beauty tips. She parlayed the social media success into partnerships with several beauty companies. Following a stroke in 2014, Monroe was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. She then used her YouTube channel to document her struggle with cancer, including losing the hair that had become her trademark.

Monroe's parents placed their daughter in hospice care, where she died on June 27, 2017, after being treated for a brain tumor. Two cancer operations and chemotherapy sessions caused her hair to fall out. Monroe's sister, Vaughn Moore, told the Chicago Tribune that Monroe was "the light of everybody's life that she touched. People wanted to do more with themselves because of her." She was known to fans for her signature hairstyle, "the Meechy twistout."

To become a barber, hairstylist, cosmetologist.



Image: NYTimes

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