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Sat, 10.25.1997

The Million Woman March Takes Place

*The Million Woman March occurred on this date in 1997. Black Women who networked on grassroots and global levels implemented it.

Its focus was on understanding the necessity of rebuilding a foundation and destiny as a people, possibly beginning at their origin (the root) and moving upward. Women of African Descent, who live, struggle, and interact at the grassroots, came to Philadelphia to assess the unlimited issues and problems of the times.  Many have resulted in the deterioration of African Americans and African people overall. The Million Woman March was run as a forum capable of creating and implementing strategic methods to resolve such matters.

It provided an opportunity to prioritize human and environmental issues. It enabled women to develop an assertive and aggressive movement to ensure the participation and impact of people of African Descent. By acknowledgment, women will take the procurement of means and bring solutions. However, there have been various forms of disengagement, and those attending wrestled with several results.

Some issues were that women no longer bond as a family unit; they no longer teach and prepare our children how they wish for them to go.
A. How do girls learn to become women?
B. Who is responsible for teaching morals and values of womanhood?
C. Have we not been the moral sustains of life?
D. As teachers of life, have we failed, or do we just exist?

The Million-Woman March happened to revive life as we once exemplified it:
Great Grandmother taught Grandmother!
Grandmother taught Mother!
Mother taught Me!
I will teach You!

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