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Sat, 06.06.1959

Jimmy Jam Harris, Music Producer born

Jimmy Jam Harris

Jimmy Jam Harris was born on this date in 1959. He is a Black musician, songwriter, and music producer.

He was born James Samuel Harris III in Minneapolis, MN.  His father, Cornbread Harris is also a musician.  In a South Minneapolis high school, he met Terry Lewis, and the two formed a band called Flyte Tyme, which evolved into The Time. In 1981, they toured with Prince. They were fired from the tour because a blizzard left them unable to rejoin after a short break to produce The SOS Band. However, one of the tracks they were producing, "Just Be Good to Me," became a big hit and established their reputation.

After working with artists like Gladys Knight and Luther Vandross, Jam and Lewis were introduced to Janet Jackson and produced her breakthrough album "Control" in 1986, for which the duo won a Grammy Award. Their collaboration on her next album, 1989's "Rhythm Nation 1814", was even more successful. In 1990, they created a record label, Perspective Records, and worked with artists that included Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, The Human League, Usher, Mary J. Blige, and Mariah Carey.

In 2000, the two were guest performers for Utada Hikaru's concert tour in Japan, Bohemian Summer. Harris is also the brother-in-law of NBA player Kevin Garnett.

Jam and Lewis worked on Ruben Studdard's album, Love Is as well as Johnny Gill's 2011 album Still Winning. Their most recent hits as producers were "Pure Gold" from Earth, Wind & Fire's 2005 album Illumination, and "Higher Than This" from Ledisi's 2009 album Turn Me Loose. For over 40 years, Jimmy Jam Harris has created some of the most popular music in the world.

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