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Fri, 03.24.1882

Paine College Begins Classes

*Paine College was founded on this date in 1882. It is one of over 100 historically black Colleges and universities (HBCUs) in America.

The background of Paine College is tied to the history of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and the United Methodist Church. In 1880, the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, appointed a commission of clergy and laypersons to cooperate with the Christian Methodist Church in establishing an educational institute to train Black ministers and teachers. In 1882, each Church appointed three members to a committee, which established the Paine Institute, named in honor of Bishop Robert Paine.  Six months after incorporation, classes began in rented quarters on Broad Street in Augusta, Georgia.

In 1903, Paine Institute was re-charted as Paine College. However, there were no public schools for Blacks in the state then, and Paine continued to provide secondary education and college work for its students.  Paine College has a long-standing tradition of interracial cooperation.  Historically, Paine has been a distinctively Christian college. It has maintained a deep concern for the quest for truth and has been resolute in blending knowledge with values and personal commitment. Paine has been historically dedicated to preparing the whole person for responsible life in society.




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Profiles of Two-Year, Four-Year, & Professional Schools
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