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Mon, 12.16.2002

Racism continues in Minnesota

Ismail Mohamad

On this date in 2002 hate crimes continued against Blacks in Minnesota.

A racist message was spray-painted on a wall outside the Mediterranean Restaurant and Grocery in St. Cloud. "Get out of St. Cloud Nigger” was the message and it clearly was intended for the shop's Somali proprietor. Ismail Mohamed, 23, manager of the restaurant was the latest target in a series of hate-based incidents.

A racist slogan was spray-painted a month earlier in the small Minnesota community outside a building shared by a Somali store and a Somali activist group. On another night, a small shed in back was burned.

This has been compounded by 2015 murder of Jamar Clark, in Minneapolis, the 2016, murder of Philando Castile in St. Paul and the 2020 murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis; all by police officers.

Star Tribune
Associated Press
May 29, 2000

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