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Sun, 03.21.2021

Reparations Bill Passes In Evanston, Illinois

*On this date in 2021, the Chicago suburb of Evanston became the first U.S. city to offer reparation money.

This will go to Black residents whose families suffered lasting damage from decades of segregation and discriminatory practices.  The city council voted 8-1 to begin distributing $400,000 to eligible Black residents. This is through $25,000 grants for home repairs, down payments, or mortgage payments in a nod toward addressing historically racist housing policies. 

Alderwoman Ann Rainey said in a statement: “I’m proud of our community for taking this bold and courageous action to begin the process of remedying racial disparities that have harmed our Black community for decades,” In November 2019, the Evanston city council committed $10 million over a decade to the reparation’s effort. It comes from a new tax on legalized marijuana.

City council members said the housing plan is only the first in what they hope to be a series of programs to address past discriminatory practices in areas such as education and economic development.



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