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Mon, 03.04.1991

S. E. Hall House (St. Paul, MN) Becomes Historic Landmark

St. Paul

*On this date in 1991, the S. Edward Hall House was placed on the National Register of historic Places.   Located at 996 Iglehart Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States, it was listed on the National Register until 2016. 

 It was the home of S. Edward Hall, a Black businessman and founder of the Saint Paul chapter of the NAACP.  The house was demolished in June 2011; an error at the Minnesota Historical Preservation Office failed to identify the house as a listed property on the National Register of Historic Places before its demolition. The property was de-listed in May 2016.

"National Register of Historic Places Evaluation/Return Sheet: Hall, S. Edward, House" (PDF). 2016-05-23. Retrieved 2017-12-29


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