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Tue, 04.26.1994

South Africa holds first all-race elections!

*On this date in 1994, South Africa held its first all-race elections. This historic moment effectively dissolved the last pieces of Apartheid in that country.

Close to 22.7 million eligible voters took part in the four days of polling. Many of the voters stood in line for over 12 hours to cast their ballots for the first time. The election spotlighted the end of years of struggle led by Black organizations such as the African National Congress (ANC), which sought to put an end to over 300 years of White-minority rule.

At one-minute after midnight on this date in 1994 a new South African Flag was raised replacing the one introduced in 1928. This was accompanied by the taking effect of the countries new constitution and bill of rights. The Black homelands, formerly a symbol of the racist government, were dissolved and nine new all-race provinces came into being. Nelson Mandela was the winner by a landslide.

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