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Wed, 04.24.2013

The Black Mambas Saving Animal Patrol is Formed

*The Black Mambas animal saving patrol is celebrated on this date in 2013. They are a South African anti-Poaching Unit. They are focused on environmental justice.

Founded by Transfrontier Africa NPC to protect the animals of Olifants West Region of Balule Nature Reserve. Within the first year of operation the Black Mambas were invited to expand into other regions and now protect all boundaries of the 52,000ha Balule Nature Reserve, part of the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa. Their teams work to the concept of the “Broken Window” philosophy, striving to make our area of influence the most undesirable, most difficult, and least profitable place to poach any species.

With a passion for wildlife and rhino conservation, these women are the voice in the community through their conservation work. The objectives of the Black Mamba project are not only the protection of rhinos through boots on the ground but also through being a role model in their communities. Within Black, Mambas is the Bush Babies school program.  This is an environmentally based education program currently offered to 10 schools in local communities surrounding the Greater Kruger National Park. The program is run weekly for a period of 1 hour throughout the course of the academic year.

Currently, these 22 young women and 1 man want their communities to understand that the benefits are greater through rhino conservation rather than poaching, addressing the social and moral decay that is a product of rhino poaching within their communities. They are concerned for their children’s sake as the false economy has brought loose morals and narcotics into their communities.

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