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Wed, 07.10.1963

The Dizzy Land Restaurant Racial Incident occurrs

*On this date in 1963, the Dizzy Land restaurant racial clash occurred. This segregation in public places occurred as protesters and police clashed outside the Dizzy land restaurant in Cambridge, Maryland.

African Americans faced discrimination throughout Cambridge, Maryland, even as protests led to the civil rights act of 1964 and the integration of public places, including restaurants. In response to continued segregation, African Americans in Cambridge waged a sit-in at the Dizzy land Restaurant. Race Street marked one of the dividing points between African Americans and other Americans in Cambridge. The Dizzy land Restaurant continued its Jim Crow policy of refusing service to African Americans even as other establishments abandoned segregation.

1963 saw increased tensions as counter-protesters became increasingly violent toward white and black progressives who favored racial integration. In addition, the Cambridge police became increasingly forceful in interacting with protesters. These demonstrations and the violent response of white counter-protesters led to the deployment of the Maryland National Guard. During one of the sit-ins outside the restaurant, the police drug three demonstrators from the restaurant before assaulting and arresting them.

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