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Sun, 08.22.1915

The National Half Century Exposition and Lincoln Jubilee is held

*The National Half Century Exposition and Lincoln Jubilee were held from this date to September 16, 1915.

Also known as the National Half Century Anniversary Exposition and The Lincoln Jubilee: 50th Anniversary Celebration was held at the Coliseum on Wabash Avenue and Fifteenth Street, Chicago, Illinois. This event celebrated the 50th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation in the United States.

A gathering was held in Chicago in 1911, and an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of emancipation was proposed. It was originally planned for 1913 as the Illinois (National) Half-Century Anniversary of Negro Freedom. Atlas Printing Co. published the official program. The Fraternal Press in Chicago published history and reports on the event, including the history of its establishment and photos of organizers that are available online.

The event's photographer, John H. Ballard, published a photo album covering the event in 1915. It includes a leaf of music at its back titled "Praise God we are not weary" with words by Tom Brown, music by Tom Lemonier, and arranged by J. Wm. Coleman. The album is viewable online. The Association for the Study of Negro Life and History was established during the event. Four months later, it published the first issue of the Journal of Negro History.

Chicago businessman Anthony Overton participated and promoted his skincare products at the event. He launched his Half-Century Magazine the following year. The Library of Congress has a collection of Chicago Daily News photographs that include event images.

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