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Tue, 02.02.1441

The Mulatto Community, a story

*On this date in 1441, we briefly discuss the Mulatto community. In anthropology, Mulatto is a historical racial classification of people who are born of one white parent and one Black parent (Anglo and Negro). 

Academia Española traces its origin to the word mulo in the sense of hybridity; originally used to refer to any mixed-race person.  The English term mulatto is derived from the Spanish and Portuguese mulatto.  Unofficial worldwide estimates that regions with significant Mulatto populations are:  South America, the Caribbean, Southern Africa, North America, Northwestern Europe.  Related ethnic groups include Pardo’s and Creole’s.

A 21st-century census count showed:  Brazil-c. 91 million, Dominican Republic- c. 8 million, Cuba-c. 4.7 million (2012), South Africa-c. 4.6 million (2011), United States-c. 1.8 million (2010), Columbia- c. 8 million, Angola-c. 1 million, United Kingdom-c. ~600,000 (2011), Aruba-85,037, Panama-246,000, Guyana-86,000, Cape Verde-300,000.  Mulatto people consider themselves Black.  Languages spoken are English creoles, French creoles, Spanish creoles, Portuguese creoles, Languages of Europe, Languages of Africa. 


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i went down to malcolmland me come back a man. me return with blackness drippin from my every breath. i went down to malcolmland unprepared but him gave me a grass... HALF BLACK, HALF BLACKER by Sterling Plumpp.
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