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Wed, 12.27.1843

The Palladium of Liberty Newspaper is Published

*The Palladium of Liberty published its first issue on this date in 1843.  This was the first newspaper published by Black Ohioans to promote African American civil rights in Ohio.

David Jenkins and other Black community leaders launched the Columbus-based weekly.  Charles Langston was one of its editors. Its motto was "Devoted to the Interests of the Colored People Generally." The newspaper was widely circulated in Ohio, especially amongst large Black communities in urban areas, as its long lists of agents and subscribers demonstrate.

The Palladium of Liberty was established by the resolutions of two African American citizens' conventions in 1843, which David Jenkins attended as an Ohio delegate and organizer. They published the paper in a total of 32 issues until financial deficiency forced the editors to cease its publication on November 13, 1844. 

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