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Fri, 04.21.1911

The Phyllis Wheatley Association begins

*The establishment of the Phyllis Wheatley Association (PWA) is celebrated on this date in 1911.  Located in Cleveland, Ohio, it began as the Working Girls Home Association.  

Created in response to the Great Migration, the Phillis Wheatley Association set out to house and help unmarried Black women and girls, and newcomers to the North often targeted by dishonest employers or agencies.  In 2009, Thomas V. Harrington served as the chairman of the Phillis Wheatley Association and Jacquelyn Bradshaw served as the executive director of the organization. Founded by Jane Edna Hunter, the association annually hosted an after-work jazz concert to raise funds for the Sutphen School of Music and a Christmas Jubilee to benefit local Cleveland families in need. 

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I have just seen a most beautiful thing Slim and still Against a gold, gold sky, A straight black cypress, Sensitive, Exquisite, A black finger Pointing upwards. Why, beautiful still finger, are you black? And why are you... THE BLACK FINGER by Angelina Weld Grimke’.
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