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Wed, 09.19.1866

The Quinette Cemetery is Founded

The Quinette Cemetery

*Quinette Cemetery is celebrated on this date in 1866. This African American burial ground is a historic landmark in Kirkwood, Missouri.

The Quinette Cemetery was originally established and associated with the Olive Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Kirkwood. In 2002, the cemetery was deeded to the city of Kirkwood. The cemetery is roughly 2.7 acres and has 25 marked graves; it is believed that some 150 to 200 people are buried there, the earliest known grave dates to 1853.

The cemetery is the burial site of black soldiers who fought in the American Civil War, formally enslaved people, and World War II veterans. It is also considered the oldest Black Cemetery West of the Mississippi River. Other nearby historic African American cemeteries include Washington Park Cemetery (1920), Father Dickson Cemetery (1903), and Greenwood Cemetery (1874).

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