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Fri, 12.31.2021

The Sixth Day of Kwanzaa

Dogon symbol

*This date is the sixth day of Kwanzaa: The day focuses on Kuumba, or creativity in Swahili.

This principle of the Nguzo Saba is a vow to be creative in the name of restoring black people to their traditional greatness by leaving our community more beautiful and beneficial. A large piece of expression can be found in the literature and culture of ancient Egypt.

The seven vibrations of divine creation is the Dogon symbol representing creativity (picture). This focus is deeply rooted both in the social and sacred teachings of African Societies.


Kawanzaa a celebration of family, community and culture
by Maulana Karenga,
University of Sankore Press, Los Angeles
Copyright 1998, by Malulana Karenga
ISBN 0-943412-21-8

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