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Mon, 12.29.2008

The fourth day of Kwanzaa

the Nsibidisymbol

This date is the fourth day of Kwanzaa. The day focuses on Ujamaa the Swahili word for cooperative economics.

This fourth principle of the Nguzo Saba is a commitment to the practice of shared social wealth and the work needed to achieve it. Ujamaa, as the late Julius Nyerere points out, is above all human centered and concerned foremost with the well being, happiness, and development of the human person.

The two interlocking half circles (picture), called the Nsibidi, represent togetherness and family. Ujamaa focuses on shared wealth and work, economic self-reliance, and obligation of generosity.

Reference: Kwanzaa

Kawanzaa a celebration of family, community and culture
by Maulana Karenga,
University of Sankore Press, Los Angeles
Copyright 1998, by Malulana Karenga
ISBN 0-943412-21-8


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