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Thu, 08.28.1919

The Sterling Club (St. Paul) Opens

Sterling Club, 1926

*The Sterling Club was incorporated on this date in 1919.  This is a social gathering place for the St. Paul, MN African American community.   

Founded during the Jim Crow era, it was organized because there were few places "blacks" could go for entertainment and Socializing.  The membership, reflecting an occupational diversity that included railroad men, white-collar workers, and professionals, met at the Odd Fellows Hall and later became known as Hallie Q. Brown Community Center.  In 1926, seven years after its incorporation, and despite objections of many residents who Attempted to block construction, thinking it would become "just another joint," The Sterling Club had a clubhouse built on a site near the intersection of Dale and Rondo (Concordia) Streets.  

The land on which the clubhouse was built was deeded to the Club on December 31, 1924, by Elmer Morris, Sr., a St. Paul druggist. Clarence W. Wigington, Board Member and architect for the City of St. Paul, designed the clubhouse in compliance with the existing building codes of the community. The clubhouse was constructed as a residential dwelling, complete with a kitchen and a bathroom, which included a bathtub.

On April 6, 1926, a series of One-hundred fifty "Third Mortgage Gold Bond" certificates in $40.00 increments were issued to members in good standing. This helped defray mortgage costs. Hammond Turner, Frank B. Simpson, and Clarence Roper were the trustees for this Third Mortgage, and Fredrick D. McCracken was President then. Only through their efforts did these men demonstrate a determination to have a progressive and successful Club.  The Sterling Club remains in operation today. 

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