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Sat, 05.19.1894

The Seattle Republican Newspaper is Published

*On this date in 1894, The Seattle Republican was published. This was a Black weekly newspaper in Seattle from 1894 to 1913 and is considered Seattle's first successful newspaper for Blacks. Its founder, Horace R. Cayton Sr., was a former slave in the American South. Clayton's wife, Susie Revels Cayton, was associate editor starting in 1900 and she contributed articles and short stories.  

The newspaper sought to portray "the black race" in a positive manner and hoped to create harmony between races through open discussion of sensitive race issues. This upset white readership and likely contributed to the newspaper's closing. 

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If you are a revolutionary Then I must be a reactionary For if you stand for the future I have no choice but to Be with the past Bring back suspender! Bring back Mom! Homemade ice... THE REACTIONARY POET by Ishmael Reed.
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