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Sun, 01.22.1860

Walter Cohen, Politician born

Walter L. Cohen

*Walter Louis Cohen was born on this date in 1860. He was a Black politician and businessman.

Cohen was born a free man of color in New Orleans. He was educated at St. Louis Catholic School and Straight College.  An active member of post-Civil War politics, he was one of the few Blacks to hold political office after Reconstruction. President McKinley appointed him to the office of Customs Inspector, to the position of Registrar of U. S. Land Office by President Theodore Roosevelt, and the office of Comptroller of Customs by President Harding.

A successful businessman Cohen was the founder and president of People's Life Insurance Co. He was also active in benevolent and fraternal organizations. Walter L. Cohen died in New Orleans on December 29, 1930, and is buried in St. Louis Cemetery No. 3

To Become a Political Scientist


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