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Wed, 05.21.1851

Afro Colombian Day is Celebrated

*This date from 1851 is Afro Colombian Day is celebrated.  It is referred to in Columbia as Día de la Afrocolombianidad and is an annual celebration of the abolition of slavery in Colombia in 1851.  

Afro Colombian Day was first celebrated in 2001.  Afro Colombian Day hopes to show their communities the importance of their Afro population and its effect on Colombia's history.  Afro Colombian Day celebrates the artistic, intellectual, and social contributions of Afro Colombians in Colombia. During the event, the people celebrate through food, music, art, and local folklore.  

For Rudesindo Castro, coordinator of ethno-education in the Black Community Organization (ORCONE, in its Spanish initials), "this celebration is a way of showing support to the Afro-Colombian community of our country." "The celebration also seeks incentives and participation of the Afro community, public entities, private companies, and the citizenship in general, under the motto of the actual administration, "Bogotá Without Indifference.  

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