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Tue, 10.19.1858

Alan Minns, British Politician born

Alan Minns

*Allan Minns was born on this date in 1858. He was a Black British doctor and politician and the first Black man to become a mayor in England.

Allan Glaisyer Minns was the youngest son of the late John Minns, born in Inagua, Bahamas. He was one of nine children of John Minns and Ophelia (née Bunch. His paternal grandfather, John Minns, had emigrated from England to the Bahamas, where he married Rosette, a former African slave. His eldest brother was Dr. Pembroke Minns. Allan Minns was educated at Nassau Grammar School and Guy's Hospital London. M.R.C.S. Eng; Lond. Medical Officer Thetford Workhouse & Thetford District of Thetford Union, Hon. Medical Officer Thetford Cottage Hospital.

Minns was a member of the British M.A. & Norwich Medico Chirurgical Society; President of the Horticultural Society; Mayor of Thetford 1904-05-06. Dr. Minns registered with the British Medical Association on February 14, 1884. His qualifications were MRCS (1881) and LRCP (1884).

He was based in Thetford from 1885 until 1923 when he moved to Dorking, where he died. Minns was twice married, first to Emily Pearson in 1888 and second to Gertrude Ann Morton in 1896. He had children from both wives. Dr. Allan Glaisyer Minns died in 1930.

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