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Thu, 02.01.1810

Charles Remond, abolitionist and orator

Charles Remond

*On this date in 1810, Charles Lenox Remond was born. He was a Black abolitionist.

From Salem, Massachusetts, he was the son of free Blacks, John and Nancy Remond. He joined the Anti-Slavery Society and in 1838 became its first African American lecturer. An outstanding orator, Remond spoke at public meetings in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New York and Pennsylvania. In 1840 Remond went on a lecture tour of Europe and while in England attended the World's Anti-Slavery Convention in London.

During the Civil War, Remond recruited Black soldiers for the Union Army in Massachusetts. After the war he worked as a Boston street light inspector and a clerk in the Boston Customs House. Charles Lenox Remond died in Massachusetts on December 22nd 1873.

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by Susan Altman
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