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Thu, 12.20.1900

E. Luther Brookes, Chemist born

E. Luther Brookes

*The birth of E. Luther Brookes is celebrated on this date in 1900. He was a Black chemist and Professor.

From Jamaica, British West Indies, Enos Luther Brookes was the son of Professor James M. Brookes and Martha Brookes. "The death of his mother prevented his acceptance of a scholarship to an English University. He traveled to Central America for a while and came to America in 1915. He attended Tuskegee Institute and received a Bachelor of Arts from Lincoln University (Pennsylvania) in 1923, where he was magna cum laude and valedictorian). Brookes earned a Master of Arts degree in Chemistry from Columbia University in 1928.

E. Luther Brookes served as Head, Department, and Professor of Chemistry in 1928. Professor Brookes served as Acting Dean for Clark University (1929-1930). He served at Florida A&M College in 1926 and taught summers at Alabama State Teachers College from 1927 to 1930. In 1928, he married historian Dr. Stella Lucille Brewer. Professor Brookes was the Director of the Birmingham Ranch for Alabama State Teacher's College from 1931. Memberships include the Board of Directors, Atlanta Tuberculosis Association, Alpha Phi Alpha, the American Chemical Society, and the founder of Alpha Delta Alpha Scientific Society of Clark University. He died of a heart attack in 1944.

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