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Mon, 12.28.1903

Earl ‘Fatha’ Hines, Jazz Pianist born

Earl Hines

This date is the birthday of Earl "Fatha" Hines, born in 1903. He was a Black jazz pianist.

Earl Hines was born in Duquesne, Pennsylvania. While attending high school, he played piano in the nightclubs of Pittsburgh.  In 1922, he went to Chicago and, six years later, organized his first group.  During the 1930s, network radio audiences heard him on his own nightly broadcast. Many famous jazz musicians played with the Hines band, including Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie.

In 1947, the Hines group disbanded, and for the next four years, he played piano with the band Louis Armstrong, then joined several smaller musical settings.  Earl Hines, whose style was showcased by intricate rhythms and forceful use of octaves, died in 1983.

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by Harry N. Abrams, Incorporated, New York
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