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Sat, 08.17.1985

Emicida, Rapper born


*Emicida was born on this date in 1985.  He is an Afro Brazilian rapper, singer, songwriter, and MC.  He was born Leandro Roque de Oliveira into a poor family in Sau Paulo, Brazil. His father died when Leandro was still a child, as told in the song "Ooorra ...". 

He composed rhymes and passed them to his friend to record and sell.  Because of his frequent victories in the debates of improvisation, his friends began to say that Leandro was a "killer" who kills his opponents through rhymes.  Emicida is a blend of the words Emcee and homicide in Portuguese.  Emicida's career began in early 1990 when his parents organized black dances on the outskirts of São Paulo, and he began to use the equipment and write his first rhymes.  Later, the rapper turned it into an acronym for "Enquanto Minha Imaginação Computer Insanidades, Domino a Arte" (rough translation, As long as my imagination composes insanities, I rule the art). Live performances are accompanied by the DJ instrumental in Nyack.

The rapper is known for his impromptu rhymes, making him one of Brazil's most respected MCs. Regarded as one of the biggest revelations of underground hip hop in his country, Emicida accumulates thousands of hits on every battle on his YouTube page and about 900 thousand views on his MySpace page.  Emicida is known for songs such as "Rua Augusta" and "Zica, Vai Lá." He composed tracks for the soundtrack of Rockstar Games' Max Payne 3.  

Many Brazilian rappers and US names, including Mos Def, Wu-Tang Clan, and The Fugees, influence his style.  His song "Levanta e Anda," featuring Rael, was featured in the FIFA 15 soundtrack, while "Bonjour," featuring Féfé, was on the soundtrack of NBA 2K16.  His song "A Chapa É Quente!" also featuring Rael, was nominated for the 2017 Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Song.  His album AmarElo was considered one of the 25 best Brazilian albums of the second half of 2019 by the São Paulo Association of Art Critics.  

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