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Fri, 09.04.1789

Francis LeMoyne, Abolitionist born

Francis LeMoyne

*Francis LeMoyne was born on this date in 1789.  He was a white-American Politician and physician. 

Francis Julian LeMoyne was the son of John Julius LeMoyne a Farmer and Nancy McCally LeMoyne an Educator.  Young LeMoyne was educated at Washington College (PA).  He was an abolitionist who served as president of the Washington Anti-Slavery Society and later as an agent for the American Anti-Slavery society.  He was married to Madelaine Romaine Bureau who was a nurse.  His defiance of the Fugitive Slave Act put his personal freedom and fortune at risk.  

LeMoyne donated $20,000 to LeMoyne College, a school in Memphis primarily for African Americans. Over 117 years later, the school, now LeMoyne-Owen College, still prepares students for professional careers, leadership, and service. Died on October 14, 1879. 


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