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Thu, 10.08.1896

Hattie Mae Annette Dulin, Educator born.

Hattie Mae Annette Dulin

*Hattie Mae Annette Dulin was born on this date in 1896.  She was a Black teacher and sorority administrator.

Hattie Mae Annette Dulin was born in Greenville, Kentucky. Her parents were James and Mary Elizabeth Dulin. Like a growing number of African Americans in the early twentieth century, her family left the South for the North. They moved to Indiana in 1898, first to Marion and later to South Bend. James and Mary Dulin were certain that the Midwest would offer their daughter a quality education. The Dulins also started a small hotel and restaurant in South Bend.

Their independent daughter joined the Second Baptist Church and excelled in school. Dulin graduated cum laude from South Bend Central High School during World War I. and Indiana State Teachers College with a B.S. and studied at Western Reserve in Cleveland and Indiana University extension. She taught one year in Terra Haute and thirty-seven years in Indianapolis, Indiana.

After her marriage, she was Grand Epistoleus, Grand Tamiochus, and Financial Consultant and received various awards and honors for her Sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho. Plaques are awarded in Redford’s name at each Boule for exhibits for chapter achievements. Ms. Dulin herself received various awards and honors from Sigma Gamma Rho. She enrolled at Indiana State Teachers College (now Indiana State University). After graduating, the confident young woman entered Butler College in the early 1920s. She eventually earned her master’s degree in education in 1939. She titled her master’s thesis “Student Government in the Elementary Schools of Indianapolis.”

Redford continued to enroll in continuing education courses at Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Indiana University extension campus in Indianapolis. Soror Redford taught in Indiana and served students for nearly forty years. First, she taught in Terre Haute, the home of her alma mater, Indiana State Teachers College. Then, she relocated to Indianapolis, where she did her graduate work and taught in the public school system.

Like her sorority sisters, Redford loved education. She taught school for thirty-seven years in Indianapolis before retiring in the late 1960s. For most of her career, Soror Redford taught at the Hazel Hart Hendricks School, Indianapolis Public School No. 37. Near the end, Soror Redford was a school principal. Hattie Mae Annette Dulin Redford died in 1990.

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