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Tue, 04.22.1890

Langston, Oklahoma is Founded

Langston School

*For this date, the Registry celebrates the founding of Langston, Oklahoma, in 1890.

This municipality is of national historical significance because it is representative of the many towns established by Blacks who migrated from the south to northern and western communities after slavery.  One of the first groups of Black Towns in America was established by African Americans Edwin and Sarah McCabe.  In the beginning, with a population of 600, they envisioned an all-Black city in Oklahoma Territory.

In 1897, some facilities included the Colored Agriculture and Normal School, which would become Langston University's only Historically Black College in the state.  Two interesting places in Langston are the Beulah Land Cemetery, a unique place with markers and graves of former slaves and city founders, and the Melvin B. Tolson Heritage Center, which holds African and African American history and heritage exhibits, art collection, and multimedia resources.

It is located in Sandford Hall on the Langston University Campus.


City of

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