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Fri, 08.10.1934

Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, a news voice of Black Minnesota

*On this date in 1934 the first issue of The Minnesota Spokesman Recorder was sold to the public.

This was one of the first African-American owned Newspapers in Minnesota. Originally known as the Minneapolis Spokesman, it was the brainchild of publisher Cecil Newman. On the date of its first issue in a box at the upper left of the front page was the message “A News Medium Worth While.” On the right side was a similar box with three words, “Unbiased-Impartial-Newsy.” The purpose of Newman’s vision was to collect and publish ongoing newsworthy event about Black people in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and America.

For over 70 years, through four American wars, segregation, the civil rights movement, the assault on affirmative action, the growing support for reparations the Minnesota Spokesman remains a viable weekly journal. The newspaper blends community news with global impact. The spokesman often showcases how Black Minnesota and the world influence one another.

Politics, education, sports, business, the arts, and the continuing challenge of African American’s remain a cornerstone of its content. The current Publisher is Tracy Williams.

Minnesota Spokesman Recorder

The Minnesota Sopkesman-Recorder
3744 4th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55409

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