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Tue, 02.23.1982

The National Black Deaf Association is Established

1981 conference photo

*The 1982 establishment of the National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA) is celebrated on this date. It is the oldest and largest organization of deaf and hard-of-hearing African Americans in the United States.  In the early 1980s, Black deaf leaders were disturbed that deaf and hard-of-hearing African Americans were not sufficiently represented and created NBDA.

They wanted to aid in leadership and policy decision-making activities affecting hearing-impaired African Americans. Beginning with establishing two chapters, the NBDA has grown as an organization with 30 chapters.

NBDA serves as a national supporter for thousands of deaf and hard-of-hearing Blacks. They’re a non-profit, tax-exempt, consumer organization supported by its members and others interested in furthering the goals of NBDA. Membership includes African American adults who are deaf and hard of hearing; parents of African American children who are deaf or hard of hearing; professionals who work with deaf and hard-of-hearing children and adults, and other interested persons.

The NBDA Executive Board serves voluntarily and comprises a majority of deaf and hard-of-hearing advocates. They consist of officers elected during the national conventions and elected representatives from each member chapter. The NBDA Mission: The Mission of the National Black Deaf Advocates, Inc. (NBDA) is to promote the educational, cultural, social, and economic advancement of deaf and hard-of-hearing African Americans.



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