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Mon, 09.21.1903

New Hope Baptist Church of Newark opens

*On this date in 1903, The New Hope Baptist Church of Newark was organized. The New Hope Baptist Church is one of the oldest Black churches in the state of New Jersey.

It was created in Newark, New Jersey at a time when the American population was around 76,300,000 and at a time when women still did not have the right to vote.  The New Hope Baptist Church was organized by Addie and Maggie Vine, two sisters, in a room on Drift Street (in Newark).

The incorporation of the church happened at a time when it was not common for churches to gather and congregate in such large groups.   Incorporation happened in 1911 when they located at 232 Central Avenue. The New Hope Baptist Church has only had 6 Pastors in its over 100-year existence.

The current Pastor is Reverend Joe A. Carter. The vision of the church is to be "Purpose-Driven with Five-Star Excellence, Ministering to the Total Man." There is a dire need to serve this present age spiritually, economically, physically, and emotionally. The New Hope Baptist Church is a full-time ministry, with areas of need being addressed every day year-round. There is a 6-day per week Food Program.

A Clothing Ministry aids those in need of clothing and a Substance Abuse and Referral Ministry exists to aid those who are addicted and have realized they need a way out.  As the church has grown, so did their ministries and most of the events and activities are held during the month of June. New Hope celebrates its church's anniversary yearly on the 3rd Sunday in September.

The New Hope Baptist Church
106 Sussex Avenue
Newark, New Jersey 07103
973-624-6121 (fax)


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