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Tue, 09.05.2023

Peter Meyerhoff, Business Equity Advocate born

*Peter Meyerhoff was born on this date in 1925.  He was a white Jewish American mechanical engineer and philanthropist.

Born in Germany, he arrived in the United States as a teenager during World War II; he graduated from high school and then joined the Army, where he was made a citizen. When he returned, he obtained a college degree and had a long career, including several laser gyroscope patents for Honeywell, Inc. Pete married Rose, an immigrant, in 1954. They moved to Minnesota in 1959 and raised three children.

Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination inspired them to do something to improve black Americans' status, so they created the 'Buy Black' campaign. The campaign sought to encourage people to patronize black-owned businesses by publishing a list of such companies in the Minneapolis area. Their mission quickly expanded to include other minorities nationally, and fifty years later, continues as Diversified Information Resources.

Meyerhoff did volunteer work throughout his adult life, including teaching, coaching, and refereeing tennis, organizing fundraising auctions, becoming an E.M.T., tutoring math, helping other immigrants get jobs and learn to drive, and delighting children around the world with balloon animals. Pete and Rose traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and the world, visiting five continents. He was dedicated to and deeply loved by his extended family, whom he always wanted to help.

He was an intelligent, thoughtful, caring, hardworking, and friendly man. His silliness was one of his best qualities. H. Peter Meyerhoff died peacefully at age 92 on February 6, 2018.

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